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Resonanz Branding® by Studio Chapeaux.


Studio Chapeaux is a boutique ideas and design bureau based in Hamburg. We help our clients turn their ideas and products into compelling, competitive brands. We stage brands in analogue and digital form, as well as in brand spaces. In doing so, we try to find a form that is exciting, entertaining and tells a story.


We have won numerous awards for the quality of our work. If you would like to talk about a new project please get in touch with us by e-mail.


What we do…


It’s our belief that targeted design brings together the values of the brand and those of the customer. Brands that compete globally have to deal with complex and constantly changing demands.


This means that clearly defining a brand’s core values and checking its positioning within the market is key.

A brand’s appearance is based on the unique combination of strategic and creative building blocks that shape it, set it apart and make it clearly recognisable. In a word: identity.We create integral communication concepts and develop them for all relevant touchpoints and perceptual channels.

Who we worked with…


Butlers, Deli Garage, Drei ???, Hapag Lloyd Cruises, KaDeWe, Lebensbaum, LeJeune London, Laux, Lapp & Fao, Loewe, Nature Love, Quark Expeditions, Steiff, Strandgut Resorts, The Guardian, Thalia, TanteLy, Vizou…